Food Safety Programs

Types of Food Safety Programs

The team at Infocus has been instrumental in the development of food safety programs for various industry sectors, specialising in Food Safety Programs for organisations providing food services to vulnerable persons. Each year we develop or review Food Safety Programs for more than 200 aged care facilities and hospitals throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, and the ACT.

We have also been instrumental in many of our client hospitals, hotels and catering groups achieving HACCP or ISO 22000 certification, including the MCG, Epworth Richmond, Sofitel Melbourne, Bendigo Hospital and the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

As your food safety consultant, we are keen to see you spend less time worrying about compliance so you can focus on your core business operations, with the peace of mind that your food-related risks are being managed.

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  1. Management Policies – including a Food Safety Policy, Food Safety Training Policy, Staff Hygiene Standard & Employee Declaration, Food Supplier Standard, Document Version Control, Implementation Responsibilities of Staff
  2. Food Service Descriptions and Flow Diagrams
  3. Hazard Identification Tables (microbiological, chemical. physical and allergen hazards)


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  • Approved Supplier Register
  • Staff Illness / Condition Log
  • Incoming Goods Log 
  • Internal Audit Report Forms
  • Customised Daily Record Sheet (daily critical monitoring on one form)
  • Equipment & Premises Check
  • Food & Storage Temperature Logsheets
  • Document Control Records
  • Cleaning Schedules
  • Staff Training Record
  • Corrective Action Reports (including pest sighting, food recall, complaints etc)
  • Verification Schedule

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Infocus Food Safety conducts annual Food Safety Program reviews to ensure our clients’ programs remain current, meet any organisational or legislative changes and reflect industry best practice. It is a legislative requirement in every state and territory for Food Safety Programs to be regularly reviewed.

Food Safety Program Internal Audits

At the request of our clients, Infocus can undertake ‘internal audits’ to provide peace of mind that the Food Safety Program is being effectively and correctly implemented and/or as preparation for external regulatory or accreditation audits.

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