Food Safety Programs

HACCP Programs

Does your food business, hospital or hotel seek HACCP certification? In order to be a market leader and provide your customers and clients with food safety assurance, HACCP certification (or another recognised certification, such as ISO 220000) is often sought. HACCP Certification communicates to all your stakeholders that you take food safety seriously and have a robust food safety management system in place that exceeds legislative requirements.

First Step to Certification

The first step to certification is the development and implementation of your HACCP Plan. As your Food Safety consultant, we will partner with you to develop a HACCP Plan that will meet all your food safety requirements and is aligned to your existing quality standards and the safety and quality standard requirements of your customers.

Ongoing Compliance Coaching

Ongoing compliance coaching is provided to management staff for effective implementation. Appropriate HACCP training is also conducted for food handling staff and supervisors. Internal audits, HACCP Team meetings and HACCP Plan reviews will be scheduled so you can confidently undergo external audits and achieve HACCP certification in a timely manner.

HACCP Programs

HACCP Programs we develop are fully tailored and clearly presented. We are readily available to assist managers and supervisors with any food safety-related concerns and to guide them in successful implementation. Our HACCP Plan services are supported by Nationally Recognised Training for Food Handlers, Food Safety Supervisors and HACCP Teams.

Our Network of Consultants

Through our network of consultants, we can direct you to providers of legal advice, labelling advice, food safety auditing (including independent third party audits) and food microbiological and chemical analysis. Our services are fully independent and no commission is ever received or accepted for referrals to our network of consultants. As your food safety consultant, we are keen to see you focus on your core business operations and spend less time worrying about compliance.

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